What people are saying:

OnStage Leadership makes you jump inside yourself and discover the best of you.
- Karin Larrave,
Northwestern Mutual

Get real. Get real results.


We’re about connecting people to their most authentic and powerful selves – because extraordinary results begin with extraordinary people.

OnStage Leadership is a boutique authentic leadership company offering highly interactive authentic leadership and presentation skills programs.  By employing practical tools from the world of theatre, we expand effectiveness, build confidence, and set the stage for more powerful connections with employees, customers, and colleagues.

We are serious about making a difference.  So, we make our programs available to anyone who is seriously committed to working on connecting more powerfully to the people that matter to their success.

We make our programs available to both Individuals and Organizations. Decide which is best for you and pick one.

So much of what we do at OnStage Leadership we can’t share. If we did, it would lessen the experience. We don’t want to do that to you. But we realize that we need to tell you enough that you’ll want to come. So take a look at the experience. Check out all the incredible things our graduates say in their testimonials. Oh. And after you come. Keep the mystery alive!

Take a peek into the OnStage Leadership experience through the eyes of our NYC Launch participants